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There4Productions focus on creating Emotive Stories through the medium of film — helping customers buy into a Brand, driving Loyalty and retention of business.

Films we're proud of

Herman Miller

The Building of PortalMill Documentary

Nike Basketball

Welcome to the Regal

British Airways

Airbus A380 Launch film


Product Design Film

Herman Miller

Manpower Case Study

Garden Requisites

Hand crafted English wirework


Zizzi Case Study

Wadworth & Co

Business Partner Film

Unite Students

Hidden Gems In London


Independent Mobile Barista


Quality Paper Bags


Urban Artists Film

Cock and Bull

Event Film - Play

Forest of Imagination

Contemporary Arts Event


it's important not to take life too seriously - if you haven't got a film query then why not just send a note to say hello! While you're at it why don't you tell me your favourite story and why.

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Brand Support and PR

is image really everything?

    We specialise in creating films that support a brand's vision, values and identity. Through targeted emotive storytelling a company can expand their customer base and build loyalty with existing clients. Every company or organisation has a story to tell whether they know it or not. The most fun part of our job is looking for it and exploring how we're going to tell it! For us - Image is pointless without story.


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Event Filming

eventually everyone enjoys themselves

  • From corporate events to weddings and festivals, each event is personal and comes with a story. Have a look at the Cock and Bull Festival films to see what we mean - by picking a theme to help build the story around it helps fully capture how people felt when there.


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Film School

back to the classroom

  • With Tim having been a teacher for 6 years you can't keep him away from the classroom .We work with schools to develop film based marketing materials to support websites and communicate with parents/prospective parents and other key stakeholders. Our approach is to work with the students: teaching them the fundamentals of filming, lighting and sound, students can take an active role in creating promotional materials for schools. A great way to communicate the ethos of a school to parents and prospective parents.


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Filming & Editing

the Final Cut

  • With Experience using a variety of Cameras and software we often combine forces with other agencies to collaborate on projects providing Filming, Editing or consulting depending on the projects requirements


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Hey - good looking

  • Photography and Film often go hand in hand. From portrait and product through to landscapes we'll happily provide you with imaginative imagery to support your needs.


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1. Connect

The first thing that needs to happen in any visual communication is to figure out who your target audience is, what you're trying to tell them, and what you want them to do at the end. Sometimes this isn't always obvious so we're happy to work with people to help establish their goals develop a full brief to work towards. This is key to ensure that you get value for money and a return on your investment in film.

2. Concept Development

Taking the brief - we get the coggs working to come up with a creative strategy for how we are going to tackle the project. We're always looking to challenge to make sure that each film has the most impact within the available budget.

3. Production

Whether it's a single camera operator or a whole crew we can bring together a team for any size project. We appreciate that most people we work with in business are not trained actors so we do all we can to make sure that the filming process is relaxed, enjoyable and unobtrusive.

4. In the Post

When it comes to post production we can provide you with everything from motion graphics through to music composition depending on the needs of the project. At the end of it all we'll make sure it's on message, on budget and looks great too.



"There's a Dog shaped hole in all of us"

Tim Richardson - Director of There4Productions.

Combining my background in Philosophy with a passion for film I established the company in 2012 out my love for stories. The focus is on telling targeted emotive stories. Film should ask questions and challenge people to consider the answers. Film should be geared towards an outcome. It should build a brand not fight it, and whilst looking great is important - the key to a successful film is the story.

It is my belief that people are driven by the heart – and that’s where you need to connect. In my work with film I approach every project by exploring what you want the viewer to experience on an emotive level. That then informs every aspect of the film production process – the shots you take, the cuts you make, the music that drives it.

Alongside our core team we have a wide network of creative professionals that we work with on a regular basis. So feel free to get in touch if you're looking for other services from graphics through to web building in order to support your goals.

Ever a source of entertainment in the office is Memphis the Cocker Spaniel who sleeps under the desk, (that's when he's not running around, jumping on the keyboard and wanting to play ball)


  • "storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it..."

    Hannah Arendt

  • "I must say you’ve done a great job! What impressed me was that you really listened and understood what I was looking to communicate to potential clients and I think the video communicates what we stand for better than a talking heads piece or interview ever can. For me the music also reinforces the progression of scenes and gives the piece real momentum a slight edginess and genuine excitement."

    Stephen Philips, Senior Product Designer - Arup

  • "Woof"

    Memphis - The office dog


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